Iowa Game- Gleeson Called A Great Game Last Night and Simon Played Well-Detailed Pass by Pass Analysis


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Jan 26, 2005
This is where your opinion is flawed. There were not a lot of deep routes. Many passes were short, in the flat and over the middle. There were very few slow developing plays called. Less than 10?
Just love it when someone on high calls another's opinion flawed. Good grief.


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Oct 19, 2010
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Great analysis, OP. Thanks for posting. I agree with the analysis and was amazed by how tough Simon was. He was getting drilled constantly by the Iowa players but seemed to largely keep his poise and stick with the game plan.

The OL Is still a work in progress and it looks like the group may still be two more years away. I have to also give a credit to the Iowa defense - they were flat-out nasty all game. Big, strong, fast and mean. A rough intro to the Big 10, and it gets even harder with OSU this weekend. But I can see the progress and the game plan was mostly solid. My only comments I would have liked to see more screen passes to the TEs and attempt more reverses - just some more things to keep the attacking Iowa D on it's toes a bit more.
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Sep 21, 2008
For sure. It’s obvious the plan was going to be to start Vedral mixing in Gavin with change of pace run option. Gavin can’t be an every down QB right now. His pass game is just not ready yet and throwing him out there to get picked off and eaten alive in conference play wouldn’t be good for his development. Now that we have an OL that isn’t awful, the Vedral/Gavin combo has potential to be effective provided Vedral is truly going to be able to return at 100% of what he was. GS said in the presser that he was available in an emergency for Iowa but wasn’t ready to be effective.
I don't know why you are so down on Simon and think things will be much different with the other two. This year he is 62.5% completion 3 TD/2 Int and 123.2 rating. Wimsatt is 43 1/2 and 83.2. Last year Vedral was 59.3 7/6 and 113.4. Simon does miss too often but hopefully that is nerves and he will settle down and get more comfortable. He is a decent runner but they rarely call his number now due to the other qb injuries and defenses know this and don't have to account for it, which helps the D against him.
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Nov 30, 2014
Simon reminds me of Laviano, but I think he has a higher ceiling. I think he's a better athlete and has better arm strength.
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Oct 4, 2011
Simon reminds me of Laviano, but I think he has a higher ceiling. I think he's a better athlete and has better arm strength.
I think he can become a very good QB. Right now I don't think Wimsatt is going to be the guy in the future so keep Simon in there.