Let’s Help A Jersey Kid Fulfill His Lifelong Dream!!! TWITTER FAMILY!!!


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Aug 1, 2001
I met his parents in college. I watched him grow up. I saw how much it hurt him and his parents when Chris Ash paid him ZERO attention while other P5’s did and he ended up going to Wake as a PWO.

Thomas Grippo is as red-blooded RUTGERS as it gets, I promise you, and there wouldn’t be a single kid on the roster who would bust his ass harder the next 3-years, for all involved, than this fine young man.

Am I biased, sure, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be 100% spot-on either. Kid has 3 left to play and I’m willing to bet would 1) be a scout team pain-in-the-ass BUT ALSO 2) at some point challenge for a starting spot. That’s how much confidence I/we all have in Thomas.

Anyway, just asking for everyone to “like” and RETWEET if possible. He abd his family are already going though the proper channels BUT every little bit helps!!!



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