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Jul 21, 2008
Coach Pikes - Finally got a good one who is not insane. (I actually thought Bannon and Rice were good coaches but clearly insane.)

Clifford the Big Red- Not only is does his play rocket you out of your RAC seat, but he has a great smile while doing it. Those blocks are very intimidating. Needs to improve that Free Throw percentage.

Spencer's Gifts - Great scorer in the offensive flow. Super active out there. Handle is way better than advertised. Like blocks, steals have a way of making opponents feel off balance. He is part of an aggressive defense that will define this team.

Big Bad Wolf - I thought he's be a more physical presence. Instead he is more of a finesse player and a guy who glides to the hoop instead of powering his way. Not a bad mid-range and his overall shooting better than 60%...which is why his sub 50% Free Throw percentage needs to improve.

Paul and Caleb - Know that they are itching to play and can add a lot to this team.

Derek- Aside from the Temple game where he was terrible, he's been in college for three months and already looks like a B1G level baller.

New Brunswick Hyatt- Has turned his offense up and asked to do more this season. For a guy I wrote off as a liability, he has become a legit secondary scorer with improved FG% and FT%.

Rutgers fans - Those who wandered in the desert for nearly 40 years should really be enjoying this streak. Jersey people will always find something to complain about.


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Oct 23, 2006
Be patient with Derek and the dominoes will fall, eventually.