3 Days in March

Aug 14, 2010
As coach Goodale has said many times, the season is about 3 days in March.

Yes I thought Perrotti would have looked better so far this season, but does anyone remember his record last year? Or do they remember he was an All American? He was 13-11 going into the EIWA tournament and caught fire and then carried that over to the NCAA's. His final record was 22-15. Anthony is good, not elite. I don't think he will AA again this season, but if he does nobody will remember what happened during the season. Go get it Anthony.

I said during Billy Smiths redshirt year, that I thought he would be Coach Goodale's first AA, so I think highly of him, but Hwt is loaded this year. Also, there are some very big Hwt who will give Smith fits, just due to their size. Unless Smith shows more offense, just do not see him on the podium this year.

Anthony Ashnault-I do think he will be on the podium this year, he finds a way to get it done!! If he needs a last second TD-boom he gets it. If he needs to lock up a cradle-boom he gets it.

Camp-need to see more, good start last night. Thought he got winded, but to be expected in his first competition. 197 is very deep, will see how he does in the Big(will see a ton of ranked guys). Think he finishes round of 12

The team wrestles very hard and has a different culture than years past, team will keep getting better.