PU will pass, pass, and pass some more...


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Aug 6, 2003
You’re and O3 red to have good games and get consistent pressure when they are sent .... dumfour and turner need to be disruptive and occupy two players every time to open up gaps .... finally Adam need to have a great day put I g and solidify his preseason all American talk. If we can insistently pin Them deep will help us Control the game


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May 3, 2011
Sack, Sack and Sack some more.
Need a Joe Lefeged. Joe was not only quick on the stunt, but he arrived in full effect. He made QBs nervous (until they ended-up on the sidelines after a blast). Stunts leave defense exposed but RUs pass defense is a well known weakness anyway at this point

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Mar 22, 2003
Need to eat up some clock on offense. Wish we had a qb who in one series can come all the way
up the field with with nine complete passes, 11 if not for drop passes. and a 10 yard run. would be nice if Garry can find one. before game time.


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Jul 26, 2001
Without a pass rush every quarterback Rutgers faces will have all day to throw the ball down field for big gains and touchdowns.Same problem every year.
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Nov 9, 2008
Interesting as Purdue is also very 1 dimensional - they have a RB that is a good runner but he is their only guy that runs the ball. We really need to get pressure in their backfield and not give them time to scan the field for open WR's. I think I would try to take away their mid to long throws and make them have to go underneath and slow the clock a little so our offense can have time to score as well. That will be the biggest factor in stopping their offense. They get almost no pressure on the QB so this may fall on Vadral to hit mid/long passes or some trick plays along with pounding the ball on a lot of runs. Their lack of pressure, I hope we don't try screen passes for once.
BTW- noticed their ST's are pretty much on the bottom of the pack in almost every category.