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He's the type of player that this team could have used the one game a week where we went 10-12 minutes without getting a basket. Just hand him the ball and say, "put some points on the scoreboard." Then take him back out again when we're out of the funk. It might work; it might not - but it's infinitely better than running the three man weave at the top of the key for 25 seconds, then shooting a contested three.

OT: Baseball by the numbers

Great movie. While I don’t disagree with the sentiment of the FOD quote - if you’re not in love with the game of baseball but rather a liker of a team (which is possible) the fact that a quarter of they way through the season 75% of the teams are already out of contention for the postseason makes it hard to follow for the next 6 months…

That’s why I mentioned pro/rel - which I know will never happen - because unless your team is one of the 25% there isn’t much to play for and the games get pointless.

OT: Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power "Fails On Every Count"

You completely whiffed on the MMAP post, but this is a good article. However, nobody is saying that military (and possibly commercial) sonars have no impacts on marine mammals. There is obviously some risk, since the DOD has modified a host of naval/ship exercises to mitigate risks to marine mammals, especially in fragile habitats off the US west coast.

The issue, as several of us have pointed out, is that the impacts from (intermittent, low power and short-term) sound surveys should be far less than the impacts from military/commercial sonars and, clearly, from commercial fishing (both boat strikes and net entanglements, which are known to be responsible for most marine mammal deaths). I've yet to see any reputable experts blaming the whale beachings in NJ on sound surveys, especially since the whale deaths started increasing several years ago, years before the surveys started.